about the blog - thinkglo

Thinkglo is a light mental health blog focusing on regrets, overthinking demons, and depression by blogger Suchita Arya.

It’s like me talking to you about issues that disturbed the mental peace of all of us in common.

I am a certified overthinker. YEP.

Stress started coming to me in my teenage. Then, I would pen down my thoughts on paper to get rid of my frustration overthinking and rage, and whatnot.

But then also had the fear of what if anyone notices that and what will it lead to. So I would throw my writings away. But now I am much more confident about writing, expressing, and helping myself and others.

Many of my close friends face heartbreaking and stressful moments in daily life and I help them overcome just by words.

And, then noticed people writing about this on their blogs. The blogs written by professionals and therapists are good but finding and connecting to your alikes is way more therapeutic. Hence came the idea of writing and sharing my experiences, problems, and overcomes on my own blog.

From being depressed, overthinking being to solving the majority of issues I grew.

I want to connect with my alikes through this blog. People that face body-shaming, in-family stress, postpartum depression, shitty job stress, loneliness in mind and thoughts. The stress of doing better for self, rising above everything.

And I want to know that I am not alone.

After a lot of self-realization and lifestyle changes, that helped me overcome my miseries, I became more confident.

Still I face issues leading to depression and overthinking but now I know how to handle them.

This mental health blog has been created to help other people who are in the same boat and to have a safe place to release depression and get rid of stress and overthinking to a great extent. I want this blog to be a healing experience.


My name is Suchita and I was born in a small town in Rajasthan, India. I’m a mother to my gorgeous daughter, Jeevisha.

I’m a music lover, a horror fan and I also love to cook and capture the world’s beauty.

My inbox is always open, contact me if you want someone to vent off what’s not letting you calm down.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are under compilation.